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Viral Infections

Viral infections like Hepatitis B, C, HIV, HPV, Herpes and many others are treated in German Medical Clinics. The medications available to treat viral infections in conventional medicine are quite harsh and work only on stopping the virus from replication. The side effects are quite a lot and the virus pops out anytime the medication is stopped. We follow a totally different non-toxic treatment that strengthens the immunity against the virus, in the same time attacking the virus.


Depending on the type of the virus the patient holds, a very detailed diagnosis is performed. We have to study the whole body function first and what kind of effect has this virus on the body. On the other hand, we study the type of virus this specific patient has by finding out the mutation through genetic testing. The immune system is also studied to find out the way the body can fight this virus by itself. For the immune system to work properly we must detox the body and clean it from any other barriers.


The body is detoxed and supplied with every micronutrient it lacks.
Immune therapy is prepared for this patient to support the immunity and teach it how to fight the disease by itself

The virus is studied and a special vaccine or medication is made and given against it.

Benefits of the treatment

  1. No side effects
  2. Strengthening of the immune system
  3. Teaching the immune system how to fight the disease
  4. The virus is put under control
  5. Long term effect
  6. Cleansing of the whole system
  7. Preventing the risk of other infections
  8. Lowering the risk of infections to others