Urology | German Medical Clinics


Diagnostics and treatment services
  1. ultrasound examination with special probes (kidneys, urinary bladder, prostate, testicle and penis)
  2. X-ray (kidneys, urinary bladder and prostate)
  3. endoscopy of urethra and urinary bladder (also called cystoscopy)
  4. diagnostics and treatment of urinary incontinence for children, men and women
  5. psychosomatic exercises (regain control of muscles)—urination problems
  6. outpatient surgery—sterilization, removal of altered testicular tissue, circumcision, biopsy (tissue sampling)
  7. inpatient surgery: transurethral operations—prostate enlargement and bladder cancer
  8. treatment of erectile dysfunctions and other conditions of male patients
  9. examination of recurring urinary tract infections in women
  10. injections with botulinum toxin (botox) into the urethra—overactive bladder
  11. natural medicine and osteopathy (manual therapy)