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Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

Experience a first-class treatment in a 5-star clinic. With the popular need for plastic surgery around the world many new procedures and techniques are developing to improve this sector. However, a new technique needs also an experienced and professional doctor to perform it with excellency. The number one country of the most famous plastic surgeries in the world is now Brazil. That’s why we chose one of the very experienced Brazilian doctors to take over the Aesthetic and Reconstruction department.

Our doctor studied in both Germany and Brazil with further training in Marbella-Spain at the plastic, aesthetic and hand surgery department. After his 6-year-lasting training, he became a resident specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and a deputy head physician. He worked in ‘Minimal Access Cranial Suspension’-Facelift, genital reconstruction of obese patients, reconstructive surgery in case of calciphylaxis and ear reconstruction after trauma. He attended an ‘Aesthetic Fellowship’ focusing on facial and breast surgery. He also performed humanitarian work in Peru, specializing in secondary impacts of burnings, ear reconstructions, rhinoplasties as well as facial tumor surgery.

Why Germany for plastic surgery?

Germany secures that the safest procedures and material are being used for the patient. With the follow up and intense care we make sure that the patient receives the best natural results that correlates best with his psychological and physical health. Our clinic provides you with minimally invasive treatments and ultramodern surgery techniques in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Plastic surgery makes it possible to restore functions of your body after tumors, grave illnesses/diseases, accidents/injuries or as a result of congenital malformations

Plastic and aesthetic surgery services
  1. peripheral nerve surgery
  2. reconstructive surgery of face, limbs and trunk
  3. reconstructive surgery after infections, tumors or trauma

aesthetic surgery
  1. facial lift and reshaping
  2. neck lift and corrective surgery
  3. blepharoplasty (eyelid correction)
  4. rhinoplasty (nose correction)
  5. otoplasty (ear correction)
  6. Intimate surgery (sexual organs)

body contouring
  1. male and female breast surgery, augmentation, reduction and lift
  2. male and female abdominoplasty (tummy tuck/removal of skin and fat of the tummy)
  3. thigh lift and reshaping
  4. upper arm lift and reshaping
  5. buttock lift, reduction and reshaping
  6. liposuction (fat removal) of trunk and limbs

aesthetic treatments
  1. botulinum toxin (botox) injections—wrinkle treatment
  2. hyaluronic acid—wrinkle treatment and lip augmentation/reshaping
  3. own body fat injections—facial rejuvenation
  4. liposuction (fat removal) on cheeks and neck

laser treatment
  1. epilation
  2. pigment disorders of the skin
  3. skin tumors/birthmarks

How is plastic and aesthetic surgery performed?

During our first appointment, we discuss your individual solution in detail with you because every human being needs an individual treatment. After we agree on the type of surgery we discuss the type of Anesthesia you need if local or general. If local anesthesia has been done, then you can leave the clinic in the same day. When its general anesthesia then we welcome you in our 5-star inpatient department with the best service possible for you to enjoy your vacation in Germany. All the details you would like to know after surgery has to be discussed with the doctor. Depending on what type of procedure has been done the doctor can decide when can you resume back to normal life activities.