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Medical Travel

Germany is a top destination for medical tourism. It is located in the heart of Europe and easy to reach via well connected international airports. Germany has a well-functioning government, a low crime rate & one of the lowest corruption rates in Europe. For people who consider getting the top treatments in our clinics we also offer our traveling services to offer you the best comfort possible before, through, and after your treatment.

Our Services:

As a full service provider we are capable to offer a broad variety of services.

Tourism in Germany

We can help you if you need to arrange for a touristic sightseeing in Germany. We have great recommendations. Germany is a wonderful country with outstanding culture, diverse nature and interesting cities. Take a few days for sightseeing or shopping, it will be a good activity after a successful medical treatment. We can also plan this for you here when you are already in Germany.


We can find you the best flight connections and rates with the help of our highly professional Traveling agency. We are also pleased to help you with the reservations and transportation especially that when traveling for medical treatment you should always buy tickets that are exchangeable or refundable since you never know if you will be able to travel back on time.


We make sure you have the right form of transportation from the airport to the hotel. We can offer you a driver to assist you always inside Germany.

Visa application

Non-European citizens must apply for a visa and this process can be cumbersome. We help you to facilitate this procedure and provide the required documents. You will typically receive an invitation from the clinic, required for the Visa application process.


We can arrange hotel booking in any hotel category for you. We have a good experience to offer you the best location and prices, close to the clinic.


Upon your request we provide you with competent interpreters throughout the time of your stay.

Personal Support

We can provide you with 24 hours nurses when needed, baby sitters, personal trainer, touristic guide…etc…