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In response to the steadily increasing demand for hair transplantation / own hair transplantation our team is now at your disposal. Consultations and treatment at our specialist clinic are carried out exclusively by well-known specialists for surgery; doctors; hair specialists and qualified nurses. All of them have many years’ experience focusing on high-level micro-surgical transplantation of patients’ own hair and have carried out numerous procedures.

We guarantee both men and women fuller, natural hair which grows for the rest of their lives. The team of experts places great value on a personal patient consultation before every hair transplant, as it establishes the necessary mutual trust between doctor and patient

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your desired treatment.

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Based on scientific findings, the Single Hair Transplantation is the only effective method to correct receding hairlines, balding temples, tonsures, and thinning hair. This method of hair transplantation involves extracting follicular units (FU/small tissue units) from the dense fringe of the hair found on the back of the head and implanting these follicular units into the surface area affected by baldness. This method allows even large, bald areas to be implanted naturally and permanently. By using this method, the “rate of failure” of hair transplantation is virtually zero because the hair roots from the dense fringe of hair are genetically programmed for lifelong growth.

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Receding Hairline

The specialists of the professional practice for hair transplants use gentle methods to counteract the moving back hairline and to restore the natural hairline.

In these methods very small hair roots will be taken from the fringe that is usually densely covered, and will be transplanted to the balder spots at the forehead. Many years of experience and the latest techniques enable us to determine a maximal hair density, the optimal growth direction as well as a balanced angle ratio.

Say goodbye to your high forehead!

After injury or surgical procedures, including facelifts, hair growth may become impeded in that particular scarred region. Scarring in the temporal or frontal hairline area may result in loss of the natural hairline. Hair transplantation method allows new, permanent hair growth on scars.

This very gentle form of hair thickening makes your hair look fuller and denser and can mainly be used when patients suffer from bald hair of head or single bald spots. But also a receding hairline or scars in the hair area can effectively be retouched.

Using the hair pigmentation, the experts treat bald spots by bringing colour pigments under the scalp. The optical effect is amazing as our eyes cannot see the bald spots anymore after the intervention. Even when having a closer look nobody will recognize that the treated areas do not show naturally grown hair but only pigments.

Stem Cell Therapy for hair growth

This therapy allows great hair growth especially used to treat patients with skin diseases or autoimmune diseases like Alopecia. The therapy is divided into two phases, major and minor:

Depending on the case the minor is an autohaemotherapy in which plasma that is rich of platelets, the so-called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), is being injected into the affected areas. As this is an endogenous substance, the PRP therapy is especially gentle and well tolerated. The growth hormones in the plasma, that is full of platelets, stimulate the stem cells of the hair roots and support the creation of new blood vessels at the same time. Like that the roots are being provided perfectly with nutrients, the hair loss is being stopped and the hair growth is being stimulated.

Major Stem Cell Therapy

The major Stem Cell therapy is required in patients with advanced skin diseases or autoimmune diseases were disease is stopped from the root and this therapy includes the whole body first and then its adjusted locally.