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Fertility (Wishing a child)

With the highest German technology, we specialize in treating couples with an unfulfilled wish for a child. We offer all procedures available to modern reproductive medicine for diagnosis and treatment. Based on our extensive medical knowledge and long years of experience, we promise that your desire to have children will be treated with both medical expertise and compassion.

We would like to help you!

How promising is the treatment?

The chances of becoming pregnant after a simple hormone treatment in combination with insemination is around 10 to 15% per cycle. If there is prolonged fertility, however, IVF or ICSI treatment should considered. Here, the chance of conceiving is around 20 to 30% per treatment. Around 60 to 80% of treated couples will become pregnant after several treatments.

Risks for the patient

According to current knowledge, the treatment does not result in a higher risk of developing cancer. However, IVF treatment does increase the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy. We therefore recommend a transfer on only two embryos in women under 37 years of age.

Risks to the unborn child

According to current knowledge, the risk of malformation is not increased with either conventional IVF treatment or ICSI treatment.

Services and Treatments we have for a maximum chance of success
  1. What could be the cause?
  2. Previous Medical history
  3. Laboratory testing
  4. Monitoring the menstrual Cycle
  5. Fallopian tube patency
  6. Hysteroscopy
  7. Chromosome analysis
  8. Recurrent pregnancy loss
  9. Semen analysis

  1. Hormone treatment
  2. Homologous insemination
  3. Donor inseminations
  4. Semen analysis
  5. IVF (In-vitro fertilisation)
  6. ICSI (intracytoplasmatic sperm injection
  7. TESE (Testicular sperm extraction)
  8. Cryoconservation
  9. Blastocyst culture
  10. UTM (glue)
  11. PICSI
  12. Assisted hatching
  13. Calcium Ionophore
  14. Fertility preservation
  15. Self-help group
  16. Psychosocial consultation
  17. Talk-therpay


In January 2011, the new IVF laboratory of our center was put into service. The entire area of the laboratory dedicated to reproduction medicine (IVF/ICSI, cryopreservation, andrology) complies with clean room class 9 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1. The reproductive medicine laboratory is one of the best equipped and most state-of-the-art laboratories in Germany. The particularly clean environment creates ideal conditions for successful treatment!