FAQ | German Medical Clinics


In order to get the best treatment available. Germany is mostly well known destination for quality based medical tourism. It is considered a center of excellence with world class medical facilities, highly skilled staff and groundbreaking R&D facilities. In those medical hubs you will find advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities.

Behind German Medical Clinics are a group of the best selected doctors and clinics that find conventional and alternative treatments to every disease. These clinics are specialized with crossing borders to newly advanced researched treatments in parallel with conventional treatments when needed. This approach makes these highly professional German doctors ahead on the way of successful stories.

Our clinics are Located in very special locations in beautiful German depending on the disease treated and the treatment applied.

The clinics always follow the latest research and cross the borders into new approaches to always give the optimum result to save the life of the patient.

Our clinics are all five star highly equipped prestigious clinics.

Our operation rooms are fully equipped with the latest technologies.

Our Rehabilitation after operations is followed with modern medical supply and care at a 5-star standard.

We have the best doctors, professors and recognized specialists with many years of experience and over 10,000 successful operations.

Patients are always followed by intensive supervision and can have the choice to be full board in the clinic or hospital or be an outpatient in any Hotel or suit nearby.

The hygiene standards meet the ideal conditions thus all rooms are free of MRSA and similar dangerous viruses and microorganisms.

We are the next generation medicine. The leaders to combat as much diseases as possible and prolong your life!

Each year, more than 300 billion Euros are spent on fundamental research and research & development in the medical sector in Germany. The healthcare system is among the leading in the world. Germany is a leader in medical technology and top destination for medical tourism.

Statistics prove that treatment in Germany and the German healthcare system is top ranked internationally in many respects. Both German and foreign patients benefit from these advantages that have direct impact on the availability and quality of medical services and treatments in Germany.

You just have to contact us and explain briefly your problem and what are your wishes. We request some documents from you to forward them to the doctors.

  1. Clinical notes, medical history
  2. History report (reports you have before from former doctors that explain your history of disease)
  3. Latest blood results
  4. Latest Scan or MRI if available
  5. Other tests you have done
  6. Treatment you received up till now? Dosage & frequency?
  7. Symptoms?
  8. Current list of medication
  9. List of operations/surgeries Operative report and Pathology
  10. Check Also Medical Conditions and treatments

All the information you provide are in complete privacy and discretion!