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Eye Conditions

There are about 285 million people who experience vision loss and blindness worldwide. Most start to experience vision loss as they grow old, that’s because our eyes also age. Vision loss or blindness is more common in the older population.

The two most common eye disorders are cataract and glaucoma. There are a lot of new diagnostics and treatments developed for eye conditions and new discoveries are still on the process of development. There are also a lot of steps and procedures that can help prevent vision loss. We do many procedures and surgeries in our eye heath center.


  1. Presbyopia
  2. Floaters
  3. Dry Eyesy
  4. Tearing
  5. Cataracts
  6. Glaucoma
  7. Retinal Disorders
  8. Conjunctivitis
  9. Corneal Diseases
  10. Eyelid Problems
  11. Temporal Arteritis

  1. Laser Eye Surgery
  2. Refractive Surgery
  3. Corneal Surgery
  4. Vitreo-retinal Surgery
  5. Eye Muscle Surgery
  6. Oculoplastic Surgery
  7. Surgery involving the Lacrimal Apparatus