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Micronutrient Examination

A very detailed test for all the vitamins and minerals in your body. This analysis will help us identify what your body lacks and what it needs most. Some people have difficulties absorbing some vitamins or need them more than others. All the information we need are figured out from the test. A lack of certain vitamins and minerals in our body explain diseases we have. The body cannot fight a disease properly if it doesn’t have the energy in the cells required as a support. After this test we are able to supply your body with full doses intravenously and orally of all the micronutrients needed, and resolve why your body cannot absorb some.

New open MRI

Our latest MRI technique is made for people who fear closed places or have claustra phobia, especially children.
MRI, e.g.,

  1. total body MRI
  2. MR angiography (head, throat, kidney, pelvic, legs)
  3. cardiac MRI (heart MRI)
  4. MRCP (imaging of gall and pancreas)
  5. orthopedic MRI (joints, functional spine MRI)
  6. MR mammography
  7. prostate MRI
  8. pediatric MRI (also under sedation/anesthesia)

High sensitivity MRI for Prostat cancer

With a detection sensitivity of over 85%, the prostate MRI detects cancer at least twice as reliably as ultrasound, elastography or the usual punch biopsy. An MRI that does not show any cancer is reliable; it is at least 90% accurate in precluding cancer.

Very high sensitivity Mamogram

A very high sensitive detecting Mamogram help us detect cancer cells by zooming very deeply into the tumor and detect the action of the cells and calcifications. This will help us easily detect cancer cells and their activity. This technique can sometimes avoid the patient a biopsy.

Very sensitive blood tests

Blood tests help us in analyzing the situation of the patient and detect abnormalities. However our blood tests are more sophisticated to check every aspect of the cell activity and any invader in the whole body. These tests will reveal to us the function of each body part individually, and helps us get more knowledge for what could be the reason of any disease.

Testing for all cancer mutations

Each Cancer patient has a different kind of cancer mutation. Even between those of the same type of cancer. Many patients have different mutations in the same time. Chemo therapy or radiation doesn’t differentiate between mutation types but attack all cancer cells and attacks the normal cells as well. However, it doesn’t attack hidden cancer cells and the effect doesn’t stay for a long time. Mutation testing helps us create poly peptides that attack your specific cancer mutation/mutations without attacking normal cells.

Chemo sensitivity test

For people were chemo could be a solution or need local chemo therapy to shrink the tumor, a chemo sensitivity test is required. Cancer cells are tested in the lab over more than 200 types of chemo therapies to be able to choose the chemo with the best results.


Knowing what is to come
Important information about your future health is hidden in your DNA. We decode this information for you. This information will help us detect all your DNA sequence and mutations. This analysis will guide you to diseases you are at risk with or a diet that is not good for you as well as many other problems that you could fix or stay away from. We help you build a new lifestyle that supports your health and keep away a disease you are at risk of getting.

Your DNA may have a significant impact on your future potential diseases, it may influence how drugs act, on nutrition, sport and much more…

DNA counseling

Before and after your DNA analysis we offer genetic counseling by one of our specialists. The medical consultations are adapted to your personal needs and you will receive advice and suggestions about which DNA analysis would suit you best.

DNA and diseases

Detect a disease before you'll get it – Do you have any diseases which frequently run in your family? Do you know your personal risk to develop diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, colon, breast or prostate cancer? Our predictive gene analysis will give you an answer about the risk of getting a certain disease. The knowledge of your predisposition to hereditary diseases is very useful for you. You can prevent these diseases or start a therapy early.


  1. Parodontitisrisk (Interleukin-1)
  2. Lactoseintolerance (MCM6)
  3. Thrombosisrisk (Faktor 2)
  4. Thrombosisrisk (Faktor 5)
  5. Thrombosisrisk (PAI-1)
  6. Morbus Bechterew (HLA-B27)
  7. Alzheimer's disease (late-onset (ApoE))
  8. Atheroskleroserisik (ApoE)
  9. Hyperlipoproteinemia (ApoE)


  1. DSG-Panel-Alzheimer's diease/Dementia
  2. DSG-Panel-Inherited disease
  3. DSG-Panel-Cancer Hotspot

DNA Analysis and Drugs

Are the drugs you are taking as effective as they should be? A standard dose of drug can be ineffective for some individuals and toxic for others. With pharmacogenomics we can check the metabolism of individual drugs before you take them. Could there be an interaction between some drugs you may take? Depending on your genetic profile we can precisely adjust the dose for you. For example many women with breast cancer take Hormonal therapy, however, some women don’t respond at all to some hormone cancer drugs. This leads to the recurrence of the cancer.

DNA storage

The long-term and safe storage of your DNA sample and analysis data gives you the possibility to buy additional DNA analyses without sending in a new saliva sample. New information in your family history, life plans and/or new scientific discoveries in human genetics might require advanced genetic analysis of your DNA. In our laboratory, your DNA will be kept safe and your data will be stored on our in-house servers according to highest security standards.

The DNA-Manager Check up includes all DNA kit analyses offered by Dr. Seibt Genomics about disorders, drugs, health factors, prevention, genetic features, family, diet and sport.