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Metabolic Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

Metabolic Stem Cell Therapy is the new treatment of Type II Diabetes without surgery or drugs. It is a physician supervised 10 days long residential treatment program that uses Stem cells, IV Laser, Laser treatment of pancreas, IV Ozone therapy and personalized orthomolecular medicine to treat Diabetes and its physical harm to the body.

Depending on how advanced the disease and what harm it has caused in the body, the patients that undergo this treatment will be able to successfully discontinue their medications, independent of the type of diabetes, where the patients observed all the dietary and lifestyle recommendations given to them, the blood sugar level was normalized completely, and the patients don’t need any more insulin or hypoglycemic tablets. More than 55 % of Of all patients who underwent the integrated treatment, there was no apparent side effect in any case. On the contrary there was a significant improvement in general health condition. Those having high blood pressure could see their blood pressure come down towards normal levels and accordingly blood pressure medications were either stopped or doses decreased. Obese patients experienced an average weight loss of between 6 to 13 kilograms within 8-12 weeks. All patients reported increase in energy levels, improvement in their vision, disappearance of fatigue episodes, and general mood.

Complications due to diabetes, such as various pain syndromes, diabetic cardio-myopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, diabetic foot with ulcers and angiopathic improved as well as obesity and even impaired erectile function was restored up to the male patient’s satisfaction and surprise.