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Welcome to your certified 1st class dentistry and implantology in Germany from inpatient / outpatient total anaesthesia and dental rehabilitation.
Our clinic offers you the full spectrum of highest quality in medical treatment and dental treatment in implant dentistry and oral surgery as well highest level reconstructive and cosmetic plastic and aesthetic surgery. All senior doctors have highest state-licenced qualifications and are teachers, lecturers or senior lecturers in their field. Of course we offer clinical inpatient as well as outpatient therapy and the most modern total anaesthesia therapies for oral, dental and maxillofacial rehabilitation and beauty in Germany. We are specialized in total dental rehabilitation with titanium and ceramic implants with full ceramics Settings since more than 10 years now. We completely restore in ceramic. We do not use any iron or metal in your mouth. We restore dental defects with white high resistant ceramic fillings or other solid and biologically compatible materials. We are specialised in the science of dental implantology immediate implant, immediate loading, periodontology, endodontics and bone reconstruction.

Our Specialties

Expression and appearance depends very much on a person’s face, expression and teeth. Mouth, jaw, and face surgery intends to deal with all the complex structures and functions of the face, jaw, and teeth. It is possible to treat following conditions: Injuries and results of injuries to the skin of the face, mucous membrane, skull, jawbone and teeth, malignant and non-malignant changes to skin and mucous membrane, salivary glandular diseases, Functional, facial and nerve pain, cleft lip and palate, cysts, sinus illnesses and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any question.

We are highly professional in:
  1. oral Hygiene
  2. oral and maxillofacial surgery
  3. aesthetic- and reconstructive plastic surgery
  4. dental implants
  5. Gum Diseases-Periodontics
  6. Phobic and high risk patients


Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that diagnoses, prevents, and treats dental and facial irregularities called malocclusions. Orthodontics includes dentofacial orthopedics, which is used to correct problems involving the growth of the jaw. Crooked teeth and teeth that do not fit together correctly are harder to keep clean, are at risk of being lost early due to tooth decay and periodontal disease, and cause extra stress on the chewing muscles that can lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome and neck, shoulder and back pain. Teeth that are crooked or not in the right place can also detract from one's appearance. The benefits of orthodontic treatment include a healthier mouth, a more pleasing appearance, and teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime.

Root Treatment

Jaw bone

Prevention of bone loss and reconstruction is possible. The clinic informs you about possible causes and treatment of periodontitis and can give you recommendations for dental home care. We offer you proven and successful therapies for all kinds of gum diseases and periodontal diseases in Germany. Gum diseases like the most common Gingivitis often involve diseases of the periodontium which are regularly followed up by Periodontitis which leads to bone loss. One of the most common oral diseases is periodontitis.

Aesthetics dentistry/Prosthetics

Our aesthetically specialized dentists and master dental technicians are extremely experienced and have detailed knowledge of a wide range of dental ceramic materials. We securely serve difficult situations and the high demands of our patients. Trust the trained and experienced practitioners and benefit from our experience with metal-free aesthetic dentistry in full ceramics!

Temporo-Mandibular joints:

Missing teeth, deep bite malocclusion, insufficient dentures, and ill-fitting crowns and bridges can put a non-physiological strain on temporo-mandibular joints, exerting uneven pressure on your teeth and resulting in stress conditions of head, neck, and shoulders. These can entail the following symptoms: ace and facial structures and brain: migraine, headaches and trigeminal neuralgia. Facing ears: vertigo, humming and ringing sounds and also tinnitus. And facing neck, spinal column and shoulders. Functional Analysis of TMJ (FAL) means manual, computer-aided assessment of inter-maxillary relation and a systematic functional diagnosis are necessary for detection and treatment of pain, postural deformities, muscle spasms. In TMJ disorders the diagnostic is not easy bur very important to achieve therapy results. We ready to solve those problems

General Anaesthesia

Treatment under total anaesthesia for any Kind of unpleasant treatment up to complete restoration of the jaws, gums and teeth, with or without implants in the meaning of complete mouth dental rehabilitation and dental treatment are performed as routine selective offers by our clinic. But are there differences? Yes, there are! General anaesthesia means unconsciousness, Sedation means diminished consciousness and Nitrous Oxide means sedation! We comprehensively plan every little detail and combine many long and sometimes unpleasant and stressful tooth treatments in a single treatment under anaesthesia.

Facial Nerve Reconstruction

The Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state of the art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for damaged and defect nerve structures in such a way that the paralyzed side of the face is re-innervated. A new therapeutic approach concerning the treatment of facial nerve paralysis.

Esthetic dentistry (Hollywood Smile)

We COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR SMILE. Change the way you look and feel. We can transform older, darker smiles into younger, brighter more attractive ones.

You may require one or more of these options and after your makeover consultation we will provide you with a full treatment plan and price list. You can achieve confidence and sucess with a smile you can be proud of by creating a beautiful, natural looking smile through conservative and minimally invasive dental techniques, it is possible to enhance a patient´s overall appearance, self-confidence and outlook on life. The result is a straight even smile with teeth which are consistent in shape and colour. A beautiful smile for many years to come.

For the Perfect Teeth and Jaw esthetics and function