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Cardio Vascular Diseases

Our Cardiology specializes in the treatment of both acute and chronic coronary artery disease, including the interventional treatment of coronary artery disease, narrowing of the cerebral and renal arteries and the arteries of the legs, and interventional therapy such as transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). The Cardiology Clinic offers new forms of therapy such as renal denervation as an accompanying therapy for hypertension or atrial occlusion. Cardiology is a complex branch of medicine, requiring great skill from highly trained cardiologists. The specialists in our Cardiology Clinic have many years of experience.

Another point of focus of our Cardiology Clinic in Germany is interventional electrophysiological diagnostics and therapy of heart rhythm disorders. The implantation of pace-makers and defibrillators and cardiac resynchronisation therapy are also important points of focus of the Cardiology Clinic.

The Cardiology Clinic also concentrates on the treatment of acute cardiac infarction by means of balloon catheters and stents, the treatment of narrowing of the cerebral and renal arteries and the arteries of the legs. The Cardiology Clinic also performs modern interventional techniques in the case of heart rhythm disorders, particularly atrial fibrillation.

Non-invasive techniques in cardiology:
  1. ECG, long-term ECG monitoring
  2. Long-term blood pressure monitoring
  3. (Spiro-)ergometry
  4. Ultrasound of the heart and the blood vessels
  5. Spirometry/body plethysmography

Invasive techniques in cardiology:
  1. Right and left heart catherisation with coronary angiography
  2. Electrophysiological examinations, implantation of event recorders

Forms of therapy in cardiology:
  1. Coronary revascularisation with PTCA and stent implantation
  2. Pace-maker implantation (single and double chamber, biventricular systems for resynchronisation treatment, defibrillators)
  3. Ablation for heart rhythm disorders


Patients with chronic cardiac insufficiency and high blood pressure are constantly monitored by means of telemedicine equipment. Our cardiology department is equipped with the latest technology.The motto of our cardiology department is to develop individual therapy for each patient in close cooperation both with the referring cardiology specialist and the post-clinic cardiology specialist. Our experts deal with all aspects of cardiology.